Wednesday, 28 April 2010

No more blocks!

Yay! I've finished the last of my blocks for the Mod Sampler Quilt! I made the last two sets (Blocks E & F) on my old Singer 201. Now that I've been using a modern machine for several months, I can really tell the difference in the quality of the stitches. Distressing as it is to say this - I'm not sure I'll be going back to the modern machine. Simple buttonholes and fancy stitches are always going to be a bonus of the newer units, but for good old straight stitching and piecing simple blocks there really is no comparison - the 201 will win every time!

While Whitney crooned in the background I managed to get 12 blocks done. There were couple of stupid mistakes that resulted in making good use of my seam ripper (though these usually occurred, I must admit, when I was more focused on lip-syncing than stitching!) but on the whole all went smoothly!

(Don't look too closely - these haven't been squared up yet so the outer edges don't align properly!)

I think my favourite block has to be this one! The lines from the striped fabric make a really good frame for that central burst of colour!

So there you have it. All 36 blocks ready to be made into a gorgeous quilt! I did briefly consider cutting the sashing strips too but I'm still trying to pluck up the courage! The instructions tell me to fold the 1.75 yards of fabric, making sure that the selvedges are 'perfectly' aligned, and then start cutting. I'm slightly terrified by the word 'perfectly'. Is there NO room for a little human error?! Obviously, I don't want sashing strips that form a zig-zag when they are unfolded!!!

I was thrilled to tick these blocks off of my to-do list!

With rotary cutter standing in for a microphone, I strutted around the room performing my own rendition of 'Queen of the Night' in sheer celebration.

Archie caught my eye.

And then swiftly dropped his gaze.... 

Can't think why!

More soon

Mother's Ruin xxx

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