Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Final supplies...

So, this weekend I had my delivery from 'Doughty's Fabrics' containing the last of the supplies required to complete my Mod Sampler Quilt..... Inside I found a big bundle of cotton batting that, despite the hot weather here (I refer readers to my previous post and sunburn scars!!!), just made me want to snuggle up beneath it and fall asleep. Also inside were the 'ivory' and 'melon' plain cottons for the sashing and binding, and an Amy Butler print for the backing.... DELICIOUS!

I've still to finish the last set of blocks for the quilt before I even begin piecing the quilt top. I'm relishing the process though - beats knitting 60 cm's of stocking stitch any day! I'm still concerned about the actual quilting process though and whether or not my conventional home sewing machine will be up to the job - I've read plenty of blogs and it seems that a huge number of people have either quilting machines themselves OR send the finished quilts off to be quilted. I've never quilted before and don't have any friends that have either - where do you guys go when you need advice? Is there like a roadside recovery service for quilters?

 "Hi, I appear to have broken down somewhere between the nine-patch block and the cotton batting - not sure what's happened. Can you send an engineer?"
[I would like to think, however, that in the Quilting world one would not have to endure being subsequently met by a chubby, middle-aged, unshaven, greasy haired guy reeking of sweat, tobacco and diesel which is, invariably, all that would be sent to your rescue by the RAC or some such company!]

I think I'm really going to like the finished piece (provided that there are no major mishaps). I love the whole country kitsch, shabby chic (shabby s**t as my disdainful father playfully calls it) vibe and I believe that my bright floral fabrics will help to strike the right look. Typical of my disorganisation though - I'm going to be styling an entire room around one handmade item, rather than the other way around! I don't feel like I've been particularly adventurous though - pastel shades are rather easier to balance than bright, vibrant shades. Looking through old holiday snaps (well, if you can call 3 months old old) I was drawn to the colours in the two images below. These pictures were taken in an indoor food market in central Barcelona. I'd love to recreate a quilt in these sensational colours that just ooze passion, vigour and hispanic virility! (ok, ok, so it's a bunch of chilli's but it doesn't take much to get me going!)

Are there any colourways that you are particularly drawn to, or would like to try?

Mother's Ruin xxx


  1. I use my home machine for quilting. I once sent a very precious one away to be quilted but, I actually don't think she did a better job than me. I once read that you shouldn't bother with a practice quilt just go for it and I think that is good advice.

  2. I love the way fabric blocks build so quickly. I've hand quilted a quilt twice and its a labour of love, with a wonderful finish - although I am planning on sending my present quilts to be quilted. As to the planes I'm a west Londoner and live near to Olympia. They never bothered me before but last night I heard them for the first time, I visited a friend in Kew and their garden was bliss, no planes just birds tweeting.