Thursday, 1 April 2010


So finally my order from arrived! I collected it from the post-office this morning after being left a ‘failed delivery’ note on Tuesday (which, in my opinion, should have been more accurately entitled ‘we didn’t try to deliver’ – the parcel was about the size of a small paperback novel and yet apparently it was TOO BIG to fit through either of my TWO (YES TWO!!!) letterboxes. Excuse my French, but what utter b******s).
Look at these beauties! 8 fat quarters of Heather Bailey’s ‘Nicey Jane’ range and half a meter of Amy Butler. I already have a few other Amy Butler Prints that will co-ordinate. I intend to use these to make my first quilt! Ahhhhh scary! I’ve pretty much decided on the ‘Mod Sampler’ quilt by ‘Oh Fransson’ because it seems to be relatively simple but will also teach me how to create several different blocks. There are so many quilt designs out there to choose from though, and I do think that selecting your next project is usually half the fun! You’ll have to accept my apologies for the poor image quality (again) – I collected the parcel on the way to work so this was taken in my car on my blackberry!

I think I’ve already picked my favourite! Who could resist this one?

I have to say actually that tearing open the plastic envelope and reaching inside to touch these fabrics for the first time is, I think, the most fun that I have had in ages! I suppose many would consider that a little tragic (I guess it is really but then, I’ve never claimed to lead a very exciting life!) but now I am not sure I am going to be able to resist making another little purchase! Hell, I gave up cigarettes (but God knows I miss them) so unless somebody can show me some scientific proof that cotton can give you cancer, then I’M GOING TO BUY WHATEVER I LIKE, DO YOU HEAR?! And what I like just happens to be available right here (donations welcome!):

I’ll keep you all updated with the progress of my first quilting prject. Thank goodness for the Easter break – a perfect opportunity for all of us to spend some time catching up on things. I am looking forward to seeing a few friends, getting some sewing done and finishing the re-decoration of the hallway. What special plans do you have, or projects are you hoping to complete, over the long weekend?

BTW - those of you that have been expecting a review and some piccies of the 'Quilt' exhibition at the V&A museum, please note that I was unfortunately unable to attend as planned. I will be going so that post will eventually get here, just not right now. Sorry x


  1. Lovely fabrics, look forward to seeing your quilt. Happy Easter!

  2. Beautiful fabrics! I feel you on the woes of the Postal Service.. not the best! Definitely keep us updated on your quilt!

  3. Ah thanks to you both! I guess I'd better make a good job of it now that I'm sharing the experience with pro's like you! x