Monday, 19 April 2010

The cost of crochet....

When I got up yesterday morning and was told by Hubby "if all you're wearing today is that t-shirt and 3/4 length trousers then you really ought to put some sunscreen on" I'm guessing that the sensible response was not to roll my eyes and mutter under my breath "yeah, yeah Mother Hen..."

Many hours later, having spent most of the day reclining on a garden lounger doing nothing more energetic than flicking some DK yarn with a crochet hook (I was exhausted afterwards!), I began to realise that my earlier flippancy had, perhaps, been misplaced. You'll remember being told by your parents 'not to pull that face because if the wind changes direction you'll stay like that'? Well, apparently the same is true of crocheting in the sun. When it came time to lower my arms from the hook wielding position, I could almost hear the crack as my charred skin broke under the pressure of movement. Sunburn.

Garden Lounger - £25.00
Crochet hook - £4.00
Assorted DK yarns - Variable
Realising that you have incapacitated yourself through sheer, unadulterated stupidity - PRICELESS.

So yes, the cost of crochet this weekend was both my arms. Bizarrely, my legs did not burn at all! I'm guessing that, since I had managed to attain such a shocking shade of porcelaine white over the winter months, my legs were, in fact, reflecting all of the sunshine. Indeed, it may have been the kick-back from my milky shins that was responsible for the incineration of those other, lesser limbs...... Needless to say I am a little sore today.....

And THIS is what it was all for:

We all have that pile of leftover, half-used balls of yarn that are too nice to throw away and yet too useless to employ in any project - so I decided that I was going to put  them all to good use and make a crocheted hexagon stash-busting blanket..... I'm still not entirely sure if I like it though - using up all my odds and ends is incredibly satisfying, and looking over the finished blanket will be like a trip down memory lane of old projects, but I'm wondering if using so many different colours and fibres is, in fact, making the whole thing look like a big mess. Perhaps more intimidating are the yarn-tails!

Because us crafters are renowned for our patience! Of course I wont be itching to move onto the next project by the time the blanket is finished (factoring in time to re-grow my own arms, that'll be about 2020 then)!

More soon!

Mother's Ruin xxx


  1. Ouch sunburn - lots of aloe vera required, but wasn't the sunshine bliss!

  2. It was indeed but, as a Brit, I'm not exactly optimistic about the chances of it lasting! xx

  3. You poor thing!!! I'm loving the blanket, I think the unpredictability of the colours makes it look really authentic. Great job!!!

    Hugs - Jodie :)