Monday, 8 March 2010

A six month hiatus and a fresh start...

So…… I had a blog once. I loved it. And then I messed it up. Like fad diets, exercise regimes, conversational German & parallel parking I eventually gave up and moved on. I didn’t want to but it was all such an effort! You see, you know how some people have ‘champagne taste but lemonade pockets’? Well I have a perfectionist’s outlook coupled with idleness and disinclination! I aspired to be a successful, articulate blogger with hundreds of arty photographs, a new lengthy post every hour on the hour and thousands of readers on every continent. I wanted my blog to be captivating, inspirational, amusing, and motivational. I wanted hoards of new crafters rushing out to buy yards of fabric, balls of yarn and more knitting needles than you could…err….shake a pointy stick at….. simply because of the epiphanic moment that they had experienced whilst browsing my blog. Alas….. Reality strikes. I’m only human. And I can live with that. So here it is – the new blog. Luckily my creativity has increased at the same rate as my waist measurement, so I can promise you some interesting posts. I warn you though, this is going to be a ‘warts and all’ blog from now on. You get the good with the bad. And I love a good moan just as much as the next person so I’m afraid that ‘cheerful’ and ‘optimistic’ cannot be guaranteed. If I make something and it turns out to be hideous, if I try a new technique and it all goes wrong, or if I use a new product and loathe it – you will get to hear about it! I will no longer strive for perpetual perfection! The second change that I intend to make is to include my darling partner in the new blog. Nathan also has a deep interest in all aspects of the craft world but he will add the interesting dimension of spinning to the blog. So look at that – whether you’ve moved with me from the old blog (and sincere thanks if that’s the case) or are an entirely new reader you get more for your money! TWO different sets of skills, TWO different projects to read about, TWO gorgeous gay guys to whisper in your ear about the joys of crafting!!!! WE ARE MOTHER’S RUIN AND THE FUN STARTS HERE!

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  1. Love it already. Your (one and only!) follower xxxxx