Friday, 19 March 2010

The Big 'T'

So....tomorrow Hubby turns 30.





Nope, it's no good. However you articulate the thought, there is no getting away from the fact. Thirty. I mean, that's a proper age....

Friends of mine often joke that I am like an old woman trapped inside the body of a young man. I go along with it. Indeed, in many ways I encourage it. I appreciate the connotations with stability, wisdom and reflection. My friends, of course, are actually referring to my inability to use public toilets, my being miserable and grumpy, my prediliction for button-up cardigans and my insistence on saying things like 'when I was a child' at the, apparently tender, age of twenty three. But THIRTY.  That really is like....a proper age......

Nathan and I have been together for over five years now. He was, when we met, only 24. And while in so many ways, neither of us have grown up (last nights game of arm wrestling the very minute we got into bed and turned the light out is testament to this ((nothing erotic - don't get excited!))) and yet, where have those five years gone? We must have done something with the time? Thirty..... I have friends that are thirty who have been married for several years, own their own homes, have one/two/three children and a time-share property in Devon! When were we supposed to grow up? I don't for a minute suggest that we're irresponsible or foolish, just that I dont really feel any different than I did when Nathan and I met. And the last five years have simply disappeared in a puff of smoke! How do I measure those five years? The number of times we've laughed, or cried? The number of skeins of yarn we've knitted up? The number of skeins of yarn we've purchased and NOT knitted up? The number of times I've said "will you please hang your coat UP" or "if you don't turn your sleeves the right way out when you take them off then I'm going to stop washing your bloody work-shirts".

You see, while Hubby grins and shrugs his shoulders at the big 'T' word, I am in a panic about the next five years! Will they too pass in what seems like a matter of minutes? Am I going to doze off for a moment and suddenly awake to find that I am now thirty?

I've always been a bit ahead of myself, but even I cannot believe that my mid-life crisis has started already..............

In an effort to relax, I have, in the last couple of days, cast-on for these GORGEOUS little lace gloves from 'The Purl Bee' which I am making in a variegated grey yarn that looks remarkably like storm clouds. The pattern is beautiful, easy and quick! Check out the link and start a pair of your own!

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