Saturday, 1 May 2010

The Knitter

Sounds like a John Grisham novel doesn't it?!

But no - this is not fiction, I'm afraid! (That said - a serialised short story could be a jolly good weekly post, couldn't it?! Not that I'm claiming to be any good  at writing fiction, you understand, but.....well.... if you've stuck around this long....!)

Of course, those of you living in the UK (I'm assuming its not available elsewhere?) will probably know that I am referring to this, which actually arrived at my door week or so ago:

Now, I am not good at reviewing things. Really, I can't. I find it very difficult to be objective and I, as everybody else does, have my own agenda. However, I really must urge you all to try this magazine - especially if you knit a lot of garments for women. The patterns are aimed at advanced knitters so if you're new to the craft don't try this first! In actual fact, in the interests of remaining balanced, it is worth noting that 'The Knitter' is so aimed at advanced practitioners that the tone can sometimes seem somewhat condescending towards those that may need additional help or advice. Despite this, there are rarely patterns in here that you wouldn't want to knit.

Personally, I adore the animal print sweater from the cover this month:

Obviously (much as I may hope to the contrary) I cannot pull off a sweater like this! Nonetheless, I am seriously thinking of using the chart to knit myself a scarf in the same print - funky, huh?! That said, I've never tried colourwork knitting before (a fact that, I'm sure, would cause 'The Knitter's editor to sneer scornfully) but I think this could be a good first project.

I also love this cardigan and can think of numerous friends that it would suit perfectly!

The picture isn't too clear here (sorry!) but there is the most amazing lace pattern along the bottom edge than grows out of the body of the cardigan almost organically...

I quite like the speed and ease of everyday accessories but, unfortunately, these are not featured as often in 'The Knitter' which, I think, results in some specific limitations to the magazine. This is not a title that you would pick up for inspiration for a quick project - these babies require some serious pre-planning and (sometimes) shopping. 

 They always have beautiful (and technically precocious) lace shawls/wraps and, I am pleased to report, almost every issue has at least one pattern for men. Alas (and I'm sure they did it just to spite me!) - this months was yet ANOTHER dreaded cabled cardi in beige.

One more....just one more.....that's all it will take to send me to the nut-house......

More soon

A cable-free Mother's Ruin.....  xxx


  1. OMG -just noticed you have a hit counter - 453!! You have been busy;-) Just kidding, that's great news. You are now preaching to the masses :-))

  2. Great looking magazine, I will have to find this one. Although my knitting is in a basket looking sad and un touched for quite a while.