Thursday, 6 May 2010


I'm afraid this is a bit of a jumbled post today! Lots of odds and sods to cover...

First thing to report - I've finished 'Peaches', the crocheted slouchy hat by Kim Hargreaves. I'm pretty pleased with it, although I didn't quite understand the final round which (it would seem from the photographs in the book) finishes the hat off with a picot style edging. After trying a few times, I gave up. I don't think it makes too much difference to the overall aesthetic of the finished piece! Photo's will follow when I have a suitable model!

Speaking of photo's (and leading into my newest project) I am going to apologise (I always seem to be apologising for my pictures!) for the grainy quality of the following images. They were taken on my Blackberry at around midnight yesterday evening - an unsuitable method that I should not have to endure much longer (more about this in a mo!).

My Mother-in-Law runs a low-key fibre studio in the Highlands of Scotland (many of you will already know this if you have followed me from the old blog!). You can check her out here. Anyhow - a few months back she had a shawl pattern published in 'Inside Crochet' Magazine. The pattern is dead simple, but makes really effective use of the marled, tweedy handspun yarns that she usually produces. Since Hubby is also a bit of a wizard with a spinning wheel, I too have an obscene amount of handspun yarn in gorgeous earth tones that is threatening to get a mortgage and move out on its own if I don't start using some of it up! Here are the pics of the shawl from the magazine:

Laid out flat, the shawl is just a simple square with edging:

And here is the start of my own in some rusty brown handspun merino on an 8mm hook:

God - the pictures are so uninspiring, aren't they?! Luckily, tomorrow is my birthday and Hubby assures me that he has got me a new camera for my prezzie! Fingers crossed it's a good'un and then I can kiss goodbye to washed-out, unfocused, grainy images from my BB on the blog!

Finally  - as it is my birthday, I've decided to take the day off of work and I am pleased to report that I have been able to re-schedule the visit to the 'Quilt' exhibition at the V&A museum. Armed with my new camera, a jotter pad and a freshly sharpened pencil, I'm hoping to be able to get loads of good information for a really informative blog post for you all next week.

Stay with me guys!

Mother's Ruin xxx

BTW - Just noticed this news article. Check out the link. A sad day for hand knitting.


  1. Happy Birthday!!!!! Have a wonderful time at the V & A too.

  2. Happy Birthday for yesterday! Looking forward to hearing about your V&A trip - and seeing your pin sharp pics of course!