Wednesday, 14 July 2010

If in!

Despite my protestations that I would not embark on another serious quilting project before taking the time to develop my skills on smaller items, I couldn't help but treat myself to some fabulous new fabric for my next quilt! Aren't we predictable creatures, us crafters?! I decided in advance that I wanted to make a real statement in bold colours and strong tones. Perhaps i've subconsciously decided to let the fabric do the hard work and keep the sewing simple!

Anyhow - a quick trip to the 'Cotton Patch' furnished me with a 1/2 metre of each of these spicey designs:

I really like the idea of making a, well, a runner almost. You know, a long but narrow quilt that will lay across the foot of the bed? The only problems I can see with this is that, although decorative, will it really be of any use? And subsequent to that, if it isn't, will it languish in the back of a cupboard somewhere when I've grown sick of taking it on and off the bed every morning and night? Something to mull over for a while I guess....

A dear friend of mine gave me this little vintage knitting book (that is, the knitting is vintage, not the book!) recently and then yesterday I popped into a local discount bookstore and managed to pick up the other title, 'Weardowny Knit Couture' for just a couple of pounds. I'm trying desperately to re-inspire my knitting self but, alas, I just can't seem to settle into anything productive when I attempt to pick up the needles. Lovely books though and a pleasure to read about knitting, even if I'm not getting any done!

Archie, absent for most of the day (dirty stop out!), showed up just at this moment and was far from reluctant to vocally demonstrate his indignation at my using his favourite perch as a display area!

More Soon
Mother's Ruin xxx


  1. the fabrics are wonderfully vibrant, you'll have fun!

  2. If I buy the pattern and material, would you help me make this?:-
    It says it's easy but I think the pattern may be in French! C'est tres jolie! What do you think? If I had all the bits cut out, bet we could crack it in 4 hours.....once we've translated the pattern? How hard can it be?!? Au revoir mon ami ! xx

  3. Ha ha! Why not! We'll have a bloody good go! You buy the necessaries and we'll schedule a Sunday sewing session! I'll bring the wine (I know you'll be providing the laughs!). M xx

  4. A runner in those fabrics would be lovely ... and keep your toes warm .
    Anyway , you'll enjoy making it !